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  1. History of Massage

    5000 year art & science rooted in China but later practiced in Japan, India, Greece and Rome.  It was preserved by Arabic Cultures from 500 to 1450 AD during the dark ages.  The Renaissance renewed interest in massage as well as physical healing and appearance.  Per Henry Ling, 1716 to 1839, became the father of the Swedish massage, physical therapy, and medical gymnastics.  Massage Treatment was brought to America by they Taylor Brothers, Dr. Douglas Graham and Mezger during the mid 1850's.  Click here to see and overview map of the entire Healing Sphere of Yoga and Ayurveda.


  2. Why Medical Massage?

    Dissatisfaction with conventional treatment for chronic pain associated with spinal cord injury leads many to seek alternative treatment such as acupuncture,  herbal supplements, chiropractic care, and medical massage.  Many scientific studies have indicated that medical massage is seen as the most effective by the majority of those with chronic pain.


  3. Key Components of Medical Massage

Alternative Therapy for Spinal Cord Injuries

Here is more information in PDF downloadable format.  You can read or print to find our more about Spinal Chord Injuries and the role of Medical Massage as well as other alternative treatments in relieving chronic pain.

1. SCI Alternative Pain Treatment  2. SCI Alternative Pain Treatment

3. SCI Alternative Pain Treatment  4. SCI Alternative Pain Treatment

5. SCI Alternative Pain Treatment

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Healing Sphere of Yoga and Ayurveda




Medical Massage Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy