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Suggested Detox Program for Colon Hydrotherapy Cleansing

Autointoxification: The absorption of toxins from the digestive system is self-poisoning.

Contributing Factors: There are many factors that may lead to autointoxification. Generally it is a combination of life-style factors that ultimately results in this condition.

Food: This is perhaps the most important factor. A diet that consists of refined sugar, starches, alcohol, fried and processed foods greatly contribute to health problems.+

Lack of exercise: Exercise stimulates the lymphatic flow that can help create normal peristalsis. This is essential to proper bowel movements.

Medication: Many medications cause constipation. These include anti-depressants, pain medications, antacids that contain aluminum, diuretics, and antibiotics.

Suggested Steps to address your issues (you can always go one session at a time)

  1. 12 Sessions: 2 the first week, 2 the second week, then 1 per week until sessions are finished. It has been our experience that by the 3rd session, most clients are able to see a difference in their health.
  1. After 4th session start CleanseSmart, follow directions on the bottle.
  1. Drink enough water, at least half your body weight in ounces per day. Add 2 glasses of water for every cup of caffeine you have.
  1. Make sure that you get plenty of good oils in your diet. These are Omega 3&6 (fish), borage, flax seed and olive. Oil Smart is a good source for these oils.
  1. Change your diet slowly, adding more fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Lower your consumption of processed foods.
  1. Exercise at least 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes.
  1. At the end of your sessions we will re-evaluate your personal history form and assist you in choosing a program that will guide you on your path to optimal well being.