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Atlanta Colonic specializes in Colon Hydrotherapy



Find Balance. Naturally.

Weight Loss & Detox Program

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Natural - Energizing

Look & feel lighter and healthier

Losing weight through cleansing improves:

Body odor; Skin and skin color; Sleep; Concentration; Energy

Blood pressure; Cholesterol levels; Flexibility


Customized program for individual adaptation

includes Ayurvedic Counseling, Colon Hydrotherapy,

Intestinal cleansing, Exercise, Diet and Digestive counseling

Based on time proven Yogic and Ayurvedic Healing practices.

Program includes

Ayurvedic Consultation

Colon hydrotherapy sessions

Organ cleansing massage

Small intestine cleanses (2 hour sessions)

Dr. Jensen's Cleansing drink

Yoga& Meditation instruction

Unlimited group exercise classes for 60 days


















Weight Loss and Detox Colon Hydro Therapy












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